This is a list of some of the machines in our hacklab. Here you can check their current state, configuration, and their purpose. Please keep it up to date.

Some information on the various web pages hosted at/by/in/from LAG

Non Computer Machines in Lag:

Current computing machines that are in Lag, or are related to lag:


On cart, connected to labelprinter and a3 laser printer


Connected to the stanton dj controllers, might have big disks full of music in future


Radio / television streaming machine


Standing on bar in music corner, to be used for running softsynths on midi, needs setting up, already has debian on it.

electronics table computer, standing on platform

Needs to be installed and set up. vm

see: Website

Historical (computing) machines that used to be in Lag:

Connecting to computers in LAG

This is currently not working, cause the lag network is not there atm. should be fixed one day..

The best way to connect to lag is to go there and plug an ethernet cable in the nearest ethernetsocket. If you are locked in your house cause of one thing or the other, you can also use ssh.

Ask someone to add your ssh key, and add this to your ~/.ssh/config to be able to connect to the router that is inside lag Host lagrouter User root Hostname
Port 1222

it is possible to connect to machines behind the router using ProxyJump, for example if you want to connect to dock.lag, add the following to your ~/.ssh/ Host dock.lag
Hostname dock.lag User root ProxyJump lagrouter