Kapsalon was our primary local server, it is now replaced by a different one see: https://git.puscii.nl/lag/docs . Its main goals are to serve as dhclient, boot over network, file server, web server, ldap and all kinds of other services all put together in one box. Just like the kapsalon. To keep everything in order we decided to play around with PROXMOX and create few containers for all the services.

This page lists all the settings, running and planned services with their configs and (if neccecary) documentation.

List of Containers

  • - Kapsalon - The host
  • 100 - - ?patat: LDAP
  • 101 - - ?sla: OwnCloud/RompR
  • 102 - - ?kaas: shell/sshfs
  • 103 - - ?shoarma: bot/automation
  • 104 - - ?knoflook: partkeepr
  • 105 - - ?bakje: mysql
  • 106 - - ?zout: cups
  • 107 - - ?komkommer: Go Git Service @ git.lag

Kapsalon network settings

TODO: write documentation /var/lib/vz/root/107/home/git/repositories

Sla setings

nginx webserver currently running:

rompr - MPD client

Straight forward, easy to install mpd client with nice features. website

Config file can be found under: /etc/ngninx/sites-available/rompr. Client connects to mpd server at bar (bar computer).


Owncloud is the service we want to use for file sharing. Nginx config /etc/nginx/sites/available/owncloud

Notes when installing: (Go to /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf and edit the line listen = /var/run/php5-fpm.sock to listen =

Knoflook setting


Login with your LDAP credentials.

TODO: make components Inventory


Mounting the media share on your computer:

   (sudo) mount -t nfs kapsalon:/sambal/media 

Files can be added to the upload/ directory, music should show up in the mpd after updating too (although proper sorting on the server is recommended).