LAG hosts all kinds of activities ranging from workshops, hacking sessions, discussions, and social gettogethers. LAG Events are primarily announced on Radar! Follow LAG events on Radar for upcoming events!

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If you want to receive spam from lag about news and events, you can subscribe to our news letter ( If you find this newsletter useless and don't want to be part of it anymore, just send email to Note that this list is not used as often as it should, most events are only announced on radar.


Organising an event in LAG

LAG is generally open for anyone to organise events that fit the space. Here's a number of considerations to take into account and ways to proceed if you'd like to organise an event:

  1. In LAG? Check Texts and Pads and decide whether the event to be held is something that would fit in LAG. If unsure, add a proposal to the list below on this page and discuss it during opening hours.
  2. Is the date you have in mind free? Check Radar and make sure there is space for the event!
  3. Do you have keys and understand the basic structure? If you don't have keys, you can acquire them by borrowing or making sure that someone will come and open/close up. Make sure you've visited the lab and understood, for example, where tools are, how to project an image to a bigger screen, how the heater works, etc. Alternatively, make sure someone will be around to assist should there be need!
  4. Is the event announced?
    • Events are primarily announced on Radar Since February 2015 the new Radar is online and LAG is making use of their super cool iCal feed to announce our events. To post in LAG group on Radar, visit the group's page and follow the link to create a new event for the group. If you don't have publishing privileges, you can ask someone else that does to approve the event for you.
    • Posters and flyers You can make a poster/flyer and spread it in places in Amsterdam
    • Announcement list of LAG This is a list to update those interested with activities and news that concern LAG. If you can't send an announcement email yourself, mail to info at laglab dot org so that someone else does it.
    • Is the event (going to be) announced on Facebook? If so, go back to step 1. If not, proceed to 5.
  5. If you have any questions, you can always ask on irc


Current Frequent Events

(please keep this list up to date)

  • every Thursday leftover radio show Radio

  • audio workshop AudioWorkshop

  • network workshop Networks NetworkWorkshop

  • Darkroom>?how? B&W roll fillm develop Alternative methods to develop fill roll B&W picture development in darkroom

  • Experiments in darkroom / Beetroots not only for eating

    Darkroom alchemy. B&W photo paper developing. We're gonna try out one of alternative ways to develop pictures without using factory made developers. Together we'll find out how it works and how to prepare it and use it. This is also an occasion to make further plans and get involved in LAG's darkroom crew. If you have some negatives and want to make your own prints do bring them with you!

    Happens usually on wednesday nights, check radar

  • LAG wicked wacky open day Friday afternoon and evening LAG is open for anyone who wants to come and take a peek. You can come and play with some synths or other soundy devices. Do some diy photo developing. Scan a book. Make a pot. Breaking stuff, unbreaking stuff, burning stuff, melting stuff, lots of stuff. Experimental media streams flow out of the space. There is also a freeshop with computer stuff that you can either take or replenish

  • Making and bottling mate


Proposed Events

  • Linux audio and music production. A series of workshops covering the basics of Linux audio (pulse, jack, etc.), software audio synthesis (zynaddsubfx, puredata, etc.), music production (lmms, seq64, etc.), and recording and mixing/mastering (ardour, audacity, jamin, etc.).

  • Building a noisebox


Event wishlist

Want to learn about something? Add it to the wishlist!

  • linux command line workshop & what are all those folders in my root directory
  • R: statistical computing and graphics 1
  • editing openstreetmap and hot (have some knowledge already but wouldn't mind having a workshop on this to get to know more)


Event Archive

Past Frequent Events

  • Fun with Mr. dangerous is a series of workshops in which we play with potentially dangerous things (and the potentiality of this playfulness). In the first workshop we played with plugging and unplugging.

  • Every Thursday from 20:00 - Puredata Patching Circle Experimenting and hands-on tinkering with Puredata (or Pd), a visual programming language that enables musicians, visual artists, performers, researchers, and developers to create software graphically, without writing lines of code. Pd is used to process and generate sound, video, 2D/3D graphics, and interface sensors, input devices, and MIDI.

  • Every First Saturday of the month from 15:00 - Fix-a-day - A whole afternoon of screwing, soldering, cutting, hammering and resisting planned obsolecense. Use broken hardware that annot be fixed anymore to fix or modify broken equipement that still has a future. Around 22:00 movie screening.

  • Quasi-monthly Wednesday Hacking Feminism: our aim is to have a physical space to chill out, debate, break stuff, learn new tricks, de-learn norms and contribute to the ongoing struggle against the white supremacist capitalist cis-heteronormative patriarchy, with a cup of tea.

  • Biweekly OpenBSD User Group meetings.

  • Monthly Typewriter Society.


Past Events

Below is an incomplete list of events that were once hosted by LAG, mostly those before 2015. See the Radar archive for a more complete list of activities since 2015.

  • 19 okt. Lag_networking: "Now I want a straight line, crossing the square from north to south" NetworkWorkshop

  • 11 okt. first networking workshop: NetworkWorkshop

  • Sat august 31, 2019 - binnenpret birthday party

  • May 17-18, 1019 - Rust Vreugd en terreur With legal fees and bills to pay and anniversaries to celebrate, Rust Vreugd en Terreur brings together an eclectic coagulation of visual and sonic experiences.

  • 16 march, 2019 - lag 6 years!

  • December 29, 2018 - Kind of new year party

  • september 16, 2018 - ] LAG ( >>party !< the forest party

  • March 17-18, 2017 - Tetragenethliac Noise star politics

  • August 26, October 7, November 18 2016 - C64 assembly Programming the C64, see the notes and references.

  • Sunday 14th of February, 2016 Software as a Critique

  • June 19th, 2015 - Impure Noise (screaming circle)

  • May, 9th, 2015 - discussing: The californian ideology

  • November - Local network - Basics. 19:00 Theory mixed with practical workshop, wrapped in easy to digest way. Learn the basics of computer networks and posses the power to build your own local network. During the workshop everyone will have a task to crimp the network cable to be able to connect to the switch, some volounteers would be responsible to set up dhcpserver for new local network. (If we would get enough wifi-routers would be nice to show how to extend wireless network if your neighbours router is too far :P)

  • November Introduction to mesh networks + building your own cantenna 16:00 What is mesh network and what is it's potential in building decentralized city networks. What could be the future of such networks on global scale. The potential of such networks in rural area and so called '3rd world' countries. Also workshop on building your own wireless anthenna out of a 'dog-food can'.\

  • 31st August 24th - September 5th October (17:00)- Installfest - Learn how to install linux, operate it, install software and get familiar with privacy communication tools and alternatives to social/corporate media.

  • 28th September (19:30) - LAN party -From 19:30 on.. Bring your computer, games to play, files to share, and interact with people from behind a screen while still being in the same room!

  • 12th September: Fuck Technology?! part 1 A night of discussion and confrontation on the different ways the individual can relate-to/deal-with/deconstruct/oppose technology. Talking about the (non)neutrality of technology, its influence on the single and social body, possible contemporary luddist perspectives, and the spectrum of ways in-between technophilia and primitivism.

  • 7th September - Recycling IS NOT obsolete Did you know most of your broken or obsolete electronic devices were designed to break or become outdated so you would be forced to buy a new one? Did you know you can fix those devices with parts worth few cents? We would like to create community where you can fix your stuff, help others, share your experiences.

    • 15:00 / Recycling electronic components / Bring old electronic devices to extract components and broken devices you are trying to fix!

    • 21:00 / Movie screening / The light bulb conspiracy

    Update. We've created wiki page to document future fixed and modifications to all equipement we happen to fix around the hacklab. GeFixed

  • 15th 24th August /// Autonomous ]Network( Practices. Apresentation on two projects of decentralized communications: the LOREA social network and the Phone Liberation Network. - For more information check the links below: flyer and text, lorea, biggest lorea node, slug group on lorea, PLN video, PLN wiki.

  • 10th August (19:00)- Discussion night: Cybernetics and the Role of the Unknown in Science

    Emergence, self-organisation, autonomy, chaos, complexity - these are words which were invented by cyberneticians bound to conquer the unknown. The crisis of sciences at the turn of the last century demonstrated that not everything which is mechanistic is predictable. The cybernetic solution to these problems was to find a way to incorporate the unknown, the unreducible qualities of life into scientific models nonetheless - and finally, to deny its existence altogether. At this point the model replaced reality, and life had to be broken down into something easily calculatable. As we tend to ground our political tactics and strategies in the above terms we have to understand them and go beyond their compromised origins and at the same time reinvent our own politics.

  • 22.06.2013 - Installfest! - Learn how to install linux, operate it and get some privacy communication tools running on your fresh OS.

  • 15/04/2013 — We hosted the Techno Activism 3rm Mondays, pics and info here!

  • 16/03/2013 — LAG opening You can check here pics and info from the Grand Opening!