LAG on the interwebz

LAG has pages on the world wide web. Here you can read about them and how to edit them All LAG sites run on the puscii server. The wiki runs on the ikiwiki VM, the rest runs on a dedicated LAG VM.

LAG Website

The website is

it runs on a vm on's server


The wiki is using ikiwiki, it runs on the puscii ikiwiki VM. The wiki can be edited by editing files in the git repo: after a git push the wiki will be updated automaticly (something with .gitlab-ci.yml)

to administrate the ikiwiki server, ask access and add this to your ssh config:
this fucks up my code hightlighting in vim so ill put it later


The leftover website is at Its is generated using Jekyll To edit it use the git repo: After a push the website should be updated automatically. To update it manually run: radiostar@laptop:~$ ssh root@lag:~#