We got a Coinvox Euro, to turn into a payphone and voip-toy. Talks DTMF has an internal call-cost table.


  • call other spaces (voip)
  • listen to music/radio - Music On Hold
  • ..



We now have one Fritzbox 7170 setup to connect to the coinvox and dial-out via a voip-account.

Armboard / rpi

with some added electronics it's doable to turn an arm-devboard into a FSX, something that can interface with the phone and act as a VOIP-bridge

VOIP Adapter + pulse->DTMF adapter

There are some simple setups and adapters to convert pulse-dialing to DTMF

Quatrovox + ISDN card

Old home-phone setups like quatrovox handle pulse-dialing and will talk to ISDN.


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