for recipes etc. see mate

things we have

  • kegerator fridge (but all pieces of that gets used for all other steps too)
  • 3 30liter barrels
  • 1 50 liter barrel
  • 10kg co2 cylinder
  • ph-meter (ph determines what organisms are gonna grow in the mate)
  • thermometer
  • teabag (needs to be replaced, got moldy)
  • capper
  • lots of bottles
  • 2 big pots (in mkz)

Things to be build

counter pressure filler

Should make that we have less oxigen (and foam) while filling bottles.

Here the concept is explained:

Most pieces are there (the actual filler tube)

What needs to happen is connecting all the hoses and stuff, and probly putting it on something that goes up and down, like the table drill stand.

fast carbonator

That is basically a pump that pumps mate around the barrel, inline is a T-piece with a carbonation stone, in this way it should be possible to carbonate a barrel in hours instead of days.

We have the carb stone and pump, what needs to be figured out is how to convert an A-coupling to have liquid flowing through the co2 side (it has liquid blockers in it now)

Parts we have :


bottle washing machine

We have a working dishwasher, that needs to be converted to a machine that washes bottles, idea is to build a contraption from copper pipe where the bottles gets put on upside down, in each tube it will have holes that wash the inside of the bottles. That thing will replace the rotating arm at the bottom of the dishwasher, top arm will stay to wash the outside of the bottles.