The bookscanner currently resides in Appelscha for the digitisation of their archive.

Here is how to use it: DigitizingABook


to fix

  • replace lithium date time battery (p184 of manual)

settings that work

  • ISO: 100
  • Wite balance: thungsten
  • My colors:
  • Flash: off
  • Metering Mode:
  • Drive mode:
  • compression:
  • AF frame:
  • af point-zoom:
  • digital zoom: off
  • mf-point zoom:
  • safety mf
  • af assist beam
  • recording pixels (resolution): Large (8M) 3264x2448
  • compression: superfine
  • is-mode (image-stabilizer): continuous
  • F 8.0

the wheel:

P: program AE auto: shutter speed + aperture manual: ISO, exposure compensation, white balance

Tv: shutter speed When you set shutter speed, camera automatically chooses aperture value left / right buttons to change the speed

Av: aperture mode When you set aperture, camera automatically chooses speed left / right buttons to change aperture

M: manually set shutter speed and aperture Manual shutter speed + aperture +/- button selects either shutter speed or aperture then use left/right to change

CHDK keys

Common To All Cameras in mode –

MENU – Displays the main CHDK menu FUNC.SET – Display the Script menu DISP. – Return to previous menu Full Shutter – Executes the selected Script, or end the running script

Shortcuts : available any time CHDK is loaded (on most cameras) –

Half Shutter + Left – Toggle Zebra on/off + Right – Toggle OSD on/off + Up – Toggle Histogram on/off + Down - Toggle Overrides on/off Note 1 : key assignments when using Half Shutter may vary on some cameras Note 2 : Half Shutter shortcut functions can be disabled in the CHDK Settings menu CHDK manual focus enabled (with ) –

Up – Set MF to infinity Down – to set MF distance to hyperfocal distance (based on f/stop and zoom focal-length). Left – Decrease Value Factor, Right – Increase Value Factor. Note :On the SD/IXUS series the DISP. button is used to instantly set MF (manual focus) distance to infinity. See : Override Subject Distance In OSD layout editor –

DISP. – Change the number of pixels the OSD (on-screen display) elements are moved by. In File Browser –

RIGHT – make selection, LEFT – Open context menu. Zoom-in / Zoom-out – Scroll-By-page in File Browser and File Reader modes. Half-shoot – Scroll one page forward in File Reader mode.

Look at: for some scripts and other stuff

with a new chdk

Camera's can be controlled via the computer, there is software called spreads (on the bookscanner computer), that does this.

Otherwise you can also script around chdk (either cli tool, or there is a python library)

method without new firmware on camera

We have a bookscanner with cameras which are too old to be controlled by a computer. What we do is we make photos and then download them on the pc. There we process with a script, number the photos and then pass to scantailor and tesseract.

  1. Making photos:

    1. empty the machines memory a1. set the machine on "shoot mode"
    2. take pictures of the book pressing the button
    3. connect the USB cable to the compurter and download the photos.
  2. Download photos:

    1. set the machines on "player mode"
    2. use the scripts: to download all the images
    3. import images i

rudimentary bookscanner operation manual:

with cameras off turn the switch on camera mode(camera symbol)

turn on with power button

optional: set zoom-->push 'print' button to activate or disactivate the bookscenner script, adjust the focus and press 'print' again set same aperture value on both cameras

take pictures and check that both counter adds up

to upload photo switch to play mode

odd/even numbering script (it takes the folders with pictures (right & left) as input and rename the files with even and odd numbers-->the output folder "out" contains images in the right order)



# mkdir out

num=1 for file in $1/*.JPG; do cp "$file" "out/$(printf "%04u" $num).JPG" let num=num+2 done

num=0 for file in $2/*.JPG; do cp "$file" "out/$(printf "%04u" $num).JPG" let num=num+2 done


open the folder out in scantailor and set the page (both for left and right, check a few pages)

save the project and the images

--------tesseract script for file in out/*.tif; do tesseract -l nld "$file" "$file" hocr convert $file $file.jpg

make sure you select the right language package!here nld (dutch)

done hocr-pdf out > finalfile.pdf

other wise create a pdf and use some other commercial option online or offline (abbyy finereader..)


ExifTool Version Number9.74
File NameIMG_0089.JPG
File Size3.4 MB
File Modification Date/Time2008:01:31 01:46:26+01:00
File Access Date/Time2019:07:07 17:46:25+02:00
File Inode Change Date/Time2019:07:07 17:46:25+02:00
File Permissionsrw-r--r--
File TypeJPEG
MIME Typeimage/jpeg
Exif Byte OrderLittle-endian (Intel, II)
Camera Model NameCanon PowerShot A590 IS
OrientationHorizontal (normal)
X Resolution180
Y Resolution180
Resolution Unitinches
Modify Date2008:01:31 01:46:26
Y Cb Cr PositioningCentered
Exposure Time1/80
F Number5.6
Exif Version0220
Date/Time Original2008:01:31 01:46:26
Create Date2008:01:31 01:46:26
Components ConfigurationY, Cb, Cr, -
Compressed Bits Per Pixel5
Shutter Speed Value1/79
Aperture Value5.6
Max Aperture Value3.2
FlashOff, Did not fire
Focal Length7.9 mm
Macro ModeNormal
Self TimerOff
Canon Flash ModeOff
Continuous DriveSingle
Focus ModeManual Focus (3)
Record ModeJPEG
Canon Image SizeLarge
Easy ModeManual
Digital ZoomNone
Camera ISO80
Metering ModeEvaluative
Focus RangeManual
Canon Exposure ModeManual
Lens Typen/a
Max Focal Length23.2 mm
Min Focal Length5.8 mm
Focal Units1000/mm
Max Aperture3.2
Min Aperture8
Flash Bits(none)
Focus ContinuousManual
AE SettingNormal AE
Image StabilizationOn
Zoom Source Width3264
Zoom Target Width3264
Spot Metering ModeCenter
Manual Flash Outputn/a
Focal TypeZoom
Focal Plane X Size5.84 mm
Focal Plane Y Size4.39 mm
Auto ISO100
Base ISO79
Measured EV13.00
Target Aperture5.6
Target Exposure Time1/79
Exposure Compensation0
White BalanceTungsten
Slow ShutterOff
Shot Number In Continuous Burst0
Optical Zoom Code2
Flash Guide Number0
Flash Exposure Compensation0
Auto Exposure BracketingOff
AEB Bracket Value0
Control ModeCamera Local Control
Focus Distance Upper0.45 m
Focus Distance Lower0 m
Bulb Duration0
Camera TypeCompact
Auto RotateNone
ND FilterOff
Self Timer 20
Flash Output0
Canon Image TypeIMG:PowerShot A590 IS JPEG
Canon Firmware VersionFirmware Version 1.01
File Number100-0089
Owner Name
Camera Temperature31 C
Canon Model IDPowerShot A590 IS
AF Area ModeOff (Manual Focus)
Num AF Points9
Valid AF Points1
Canon Image Width3264
Canon Image Height2448
AF Image Width100
AF Image Height100
AF Area Widths18 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
AF Area Heights18 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
AF Area X Positions0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
AF Area Y Positions0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
AF Points In Focus(none)
Primary AF Point0
Thumbnail Image Valid Area0 0 0 0
Date Stamp ModeOff
My Color ModeOff
Firmware Revision1.01 rev 2.00
Image Unique IDad48495c6ace55d35103f7adec9bc42f
VRD Offset0
User Comment
Flashpix Version0100
Color SpacesRGB
Exif Image Width3264
Exif Image Height2448
Interoperability IndexR98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
Interoperability Version0100
Related Image Width3264
Related Image Height2448
Focal Plane X Resolution14506.66667
Focal Plane Y Resolution14485.2071
Focal Plane Resolution Unitinches
Sensing MethodOne-chip color area
File SourceDigital Camera
Custom RenderedNormal
Exposure ModeManual
Digital Zoom Ratio1
Scene Capture TypeStandard
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Thumbnail Offset5120
Thumbnail Length3352
Image Width3264
Image Height2448
Encoding ProcessBaseline DCT, Huffman coding
Bits Per Sample8
Color Components3
Y Cb Cr Sub SamplingYCbCr4:2:2 (2 1)
Drive ModeSingle-frame Shooting
Lens5.8 - 23.2 mm
Lens IDUnknown 5-23mm
Scale Factor To 35 mm Equivalent6.1
Shooting ModeManual
Shutter Speed1/80
Thumbnail Image(Binary data 3352 bytes)
Circle Of Confusion0.005 mm
Field Of View41.3 deg
Focal Length7.9 mm (35 mm equivalent: 47.8 mm)
Hyperfocal Distance2.25 m
Image Size3264x2448
Lens5.8 - 23.2 mm (35 mm equivalent: 35.1 - 140.4 mm)
Light Value11.6
(some) scantailor settings


adding metadata to the final pdf (coming soon: from catalog csv!)

exiftool -Title="Title" -Author="Name Author" -Subject="Some Subject" final.pdf