There is a Mendel90 printer at LAG, we don't know what is the actual name / model of it.

Currently we use the Repetier software to control it.

Printer may or may not be currently working, to get it to work:

  • The printer needs to be calibrated properly (Z axis)

  • There is (was?) the software (Repetier and Octoprint) on the lag laptop, please do not replace that with windows!

  • The extruder is a "J-Head" with a Ceramic 30W? heater

  • The control board is a "Melzi ardentissimo" / "Melzi 1.0/2.0 eBay Hybrid"

  • It is currently running some v1.? of the Marlin firmware

  • It should be possible (and maybe good?) to upload the Repetier firmware, but we have to create a proper config.h file for it (wizard)

  • repetier firmware has support for automated Z-probing

  • we could try to build a Puck probe like this