Lag audio workshop sessions

Lag will host weekly workshop sessions on audio, both analog and digital, for the digital part we will use free software on linux.

Plan is to have a workshop day on friday or saturday, and on thursday during the radio broadcast skills can be practiced, at the end we do some kind of party.

Topics (planned to be) covered will be: setting up a linux audio workstation, analog circuits, midi, music theory, broadcasting, recording / mixing / mastering, acoustics

Ideas for sessions:

  • noisebox (groente/vudopia)
  • jack basics / setting up a computer (hark)
  • vj / video (jaromil?)
  • midi in ardour (who knows this well?)
  • building your own midi controller
  • muziektheorie (dan)
  • ad conversion
  • .. (assink)
  • acoustics (dan?)
  • pd (dreamer?)
  • sequencers/ midi (yids)
  • broadcasting (hark)
  • faust (bart?)
  • analog mixing (dan)
  • recording / mixing / mastering (rpm?)
  • Web radio
  • audio networks SoundNet

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