undersea cable

cisco dslam

nokia siemens dslame (t-mobile de)

coiling a submarine cable on a cable laying ship

different sizes of undersea cables (different depths)

vdsl street box of kpn

submarine cable map

Mother earth Mother board, 1992 wired story on flag cable

the undersea network, book

log periodic shortwave antenna used for hft

map of 1960's at't microwave relay network

antenna tower used in that network

lan ttoken ring


fiber optic connector types


wifi standarts

google datacenter in charleroi, belgium

a gsm bts in india

bunch of microwave links on a tower

some bts schematic

cisco 7609 router (year?)

sun container datacentre (2007)

switch with a bunch of fiber cables connected

hole dig open with lots of tubes used for fibers

huawei container datacentre

installation of trinity supercomputer (2015)

lefdal mine datacentre (2016)

sprint lte cell antenna's

sprint lte cell

sprint lte cell

rewiring a telephone switchboard

microsoft container dc in chicago (2013)

mobile phone antennas mimo

portable vsat dish

submarine cable map

summit supercomputer

vsat dish used by army

abandoned microwave relay tower of at&t longline network

dc's in amsterdam



root servers


optical switching

fiber optic tap (bent cable)

schematic of fiber tap

19th century phone network in stockholm

optical patch panel ams-ix

router in ams-ix used for K-root

ams-ix bigiron8000 (around 2002??)

ams-ix bigiron8000

antenna on WFC that used to connect to lag (now wfc location is evicted) (2018)

brocade mlxe16

cold corridor in DCG (in one of those this wiki is hosted)

dcg cold corridor

equinix AM4, flat datacentre, build in 2018?? in amsterdam sciencepark

equinix AM3 in amsterdam sciencepark

links between equinix dc's in amsterdam

equinix AM4

1 of the clusters of the L-root

sha (hackercamp) datacentre

sha datenklo

switch on tweakers camp 2006

raid on old NATO bunker in germany used for bulletproof hosting (september 2019)

pirate fm transmitter in achterhoek (raided in 2019)


020wireless wgterrein dish



ronja (diy optical networking) (2003/ prague)

diy biquad + sattelite dish

[[!img de_digitale_stad_boekje.jpg size=800x800"]]


27mhz packetradio

  • pirate transmitters
  • ptt networks
  • pagers
  • community networks
  • wireless oost
  • ecn


random links

random videos (not watched)

adam fish submarine cable landing point video's

subsea cable links