Name: Radio
People: hark
Description: streaming and broadcasting experiments


Every thursday lag broadcast the leftover show from lag.

previous episodes

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Starting the radio stream

start jack


start the audio stream

you must be in the correct folder /home/studio/streaming-media-stuff

#!/bin/bash cd ~/streaming-media-stuff/liquidsoap liquidsoap papillon-ls1ls2-low.liq

start ardour

  • Start ardour
  • connect to jack
  • create a new session (with name and date in the name)
  • create a new stereo track
  • connect input of stereo track to soundcard input, and make sure level is good (on the mixer)
  • arm the track for recording (red round button on track)
  • click the red button and click play, to start recording
  • you should see a waveform appearing on the track, and cursor moving
  • in the mixer, connect the output of master to the input of liquidsoap

start obs

this can be found in the start menu: applications->sound & video->obs studio

  • in ardour, connect output of the master, to input of obs
  • don't forget to click start the stream (and the recording), and verifiy that indeed the audio is getting in
  • edit the text and put there the stuff of today's broadcast

run scripts to announce on irc twitter etc.

Empty the old shouts, and start the loop that inserts shouts into video stream: #!/bin/bash cd ~/streaming-media-stuff/leftover rm leftover.db ./shoutloop

Start the bot: #!/bin/bash cd ~/streaming-media-stuff/sopel ./