Name: Networking Workshop
People: collective
Description: Every friday a workshop session related to networks

Networking Workshop

networks workshop

11 okt. introduction

This friday we will be having the first edition of a series of workshops on networks. Rather then starting with the boring basics and spending hours calculating subnets, we would like to start with something more pracital and concrete. We will be looking at various pictures people collected on the internet and the real life of networking equipment, or stuff related to it, and explain what they are and why they are (not) important Here you can allready check out some of the stuff we will be looking at:

pics are here: Networks

19 okt. Lag_networking: "Now I want a straight line, crossing the square from north to south"

Second encounter in our networking series (presentation/discussion/workshop):

This evening is to share a practical research on a form of commercial surveillance that is used in certain shopping centers and other public spaces, and to reflect together on the ways in which technology allows an intensification of control and on how surveillance takes many different forms.

The plan is to continue with sharing ideas on how to design a virtual stampede generation device.

25 okt. lag_networking: world of ip addresses and protocols

Third edition of our network series ( presentation/discussion/workshop) this friday where we step into the world of IP-Addresses and protocols. This evening we try to explain and talk about the basics of networking, trough interactive ways and understandable ways. It will involve stuff like the OSI-model, IP-Addressing, subnetting and basic protocols.

1 november Fieldtrip to the landing point of tat-14 cable

TAT-14 is a TransAtlantic telephone cable, it is one of the cables that connects the united states, denmark, the netherlands and germany and is a essential part of the internet infrastructure.

We are going on a journey to Katwijk, to investigate the TAT-14's appearance in the physical world and talk with the locals. Anyhow, it will be a nice day at the beach.

Meet @ ]LAG( 1 november 2019, 14:00, there will be transport to Katwijk. On the way back we can drop you off at a nearby public transport station.

It would be nice if you send an email to that you are coming (and if you have the possiblility to bring a car) so we can try to make sure to have enough transport.

8 november Lag-Ghostbusting

An afternoon to discuss and play around with methodologies and equipment for finding invisible things (i.e.building ghosthunting equipment to find undersea cables and radio signals and other technological ghosts..)


16 november


  • 5g tour