The purpose of this workshop is to help you get fimiliar with preperations before, during and after instaltion of linux operating system. Our choice for this workshop is linux mint or ubuntu. Linux mint is our primary choice but we need to test it thoroughly and make sure everything is working out of the box (we arent mint users). Why mint and not ubuntu? We would like to avoid ubuntu distribution as much as possible, since canonical (the owner of ubuntu), by their recent actions, shows bigger corporate interest - caring more about their profit rather than community. You can read about the recent controversy here. But we have to admit that it is still the best choice for every new comer. It just works :)

What does the course cover?

This course is intended for people that aren't technicly skilled and are not already familiar with Linux, terminal and cryptography. So if you do have some knowledge about these themes, please keep yourself updated with next upcoming workshops because you will just waste your time on this one :P

  • Linux installation
  • Searching for, installing and removing software - what is repository, how to manage them etc.
  • Setting up TOR browser - using tor bundle provided by tor project
  • Creating mail account on one of the user friendly mail services
  • Setting up gpg keys, thunderbird (mail client), and other tools to manage keys and encrypt files
  • Using irc as a communication channel (also its the place where u can find instant help with your software related problems)
  • Setting up secure communication (pidgin+otr,jitsi+otr,torchat,bitmessanger,xchat+otr/fish)
  • Introduction to alternative social media (,, riseup)

It might be too much information and in case we run into technical problems, we will split the workshop in few sessions


If you are planning to attend the workshop please drop us a line at It is not mandatory but in this way we will know how many people to expect.

What should you know and prepare before?

  • First of all. It is possible to install linux side-by-side the operating system you are currently using. It is wise to do it if you want to have the comfort to switch back to something you are used to when you are confused, stuck or when you break your system.

However it is encouraged to get rid of current OS (unless its freebsd :P) totally. In this way your learning curve will be much greater and there will be no more temptation to fall back to evil OS. If you can, pass by lag on thursday before the workshop to set up partitions to save up time during the workshop(sometimes the process of shrinking your existing partition takes long time.

  • Think of passwords. Please do not try to come up with passwords on the spot. Try to figure this out before you come to the workshop. Passwords are really important and from experience, I know that when u're unprepared your passwords are either too simple or over complicated, and you will most likely forget them the moment you leave the workshop.
  • Remember your computer is like a pet or room mate. We spend a lot of time with them. They deserve a name (host name). Think of it before you come to the workshop.
  • Make a backup. There are two types of people out there. The ones that do backups and the ones that will. Of course everything should go smooth, but there is always slight chance everything will get fucked and you will loose your data. Keep that in mind and make backup of your important files.
  • If you have usb stick bring it. Remember everything u have on it will be erased. We will provide also usb sticks so no worries if you forget. For fair price (shop price + donation) you can take them home.
  • Please keep in mind that this might be free workshop but the place itself needs a lot of money to sustain its existance. Not to mention further development and investment in tools and materials etc to make it better. Donations are welcome :)
  • The workshop will take several hours so reserve the whole afteroon/evening for that. There will be drinks, snacks in lag plus as every saturday lots of food in mkz.