Friday 17th of March

Open from 13.00, program starts at 15.00

15:00 - Phone booths in Athens by Alex Zakkas

What they talk about in/on phone-booths in Athens.

What phone-booths in Athens talk about nowadays.

16:00 - "Have you considered the alternative?" by homebrewserver.club

Signal is often considered an alternative to Whatsapp, but is it really? Why you should gather a group of friends and consider staring into the abyss of self-hosted, federated messaging services. <https://ilu.servus.at/issue9.html> <http://homebrewserver.club>

18:30 - Update on Hackon

Hackon is an event centered around a critical view of how technology plays a role in society. July 14-16, Ruigoord <https://hackon.nl>

19:00 - Food for donation and beers by Brouwvereniging Rotterdam

21:00 - Cyberpunk Imaginaries: Magick, Technology, and the Apocalypse, a discussion with Christian Greer

21:00 - Modular Synthesis Workshop by wotwot

A hands-on introduction to audio synthesis, looking at the the different approaches (subtractive, additive, granular, modal) on actual modular synths. Make some noise!

22:00 - Movie night: Traceroute

Is there anything in nerd culture to save? And what does it consist of anyway? This documentary puts nostalgia next to political economy, with a good dose of irony.


Saturday 18th of March

noise IS/AND/OR politics @ Vrankrijk

18.00: discussion

A public discussion on the political meaning of noise as a deviant and radical space of experimentation in music, and the social contexts that resonate with it. Introduced by the presentation of the last issue of Datacide Magazine by Christoph Fringeli.


?Noise * Politics

22.00: party


  • Christoph Fringeli (Praxis Records)
  • Istari Lasterfahrer (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
  • Plastic Interior Urynian (Paralyzing Device)
  • wotwot
  • Bence (Archaic Inventions)
  • Bloodhole (Nimatek)
  • Amen Holmes (Pick 'n' Mix)
  • Antisocialist (Identity Crisis)


  • visual [t]error
  • Sofie
  • Groente
  • Mati