Noise as an abstract concept can already be read in a political sense, in face of the cybernetic forms of government that we see intensifying around us. Noise is the impossibility of perfect flow and seamless communication, which reminds us the material contradictions in the way that the social medium is designed and governed.

There has been, in the history of music and the history of struggles, times and situations in which certain noises and sounds have entered in resonance with certain political intensities of the communities and groups that were creating and enjoying these sounds.

In contemporary times, the normalized situations and formats in which music is circulated and the accelerated rhythms of production and consumption seem to leave those combinations of music and political praxis to a nostalgic past.

Starting from our surroundings, starting from the fact that we organize parties to dance together to certain music, we want to take the time to chat a bit about the above with the friends and comrades that make and play this music, and with whom we share some political urgencies and practices.

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History is made at night


Steve Goodman, Sonic Warfare

Muzak to my ears. Canned music and class struggle. Past Tense. Imposed A4 for printing

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