Name: LagMobile
People: collective
Description: fixing up an old van for mobile lagging


  • Massa rijklaar 2170 kg
  • Massa ledig voertuig 2070 k
  • Technische max. massa voertuig 3200 kg
  • Toegestane max. massa voertuig 3200 kg
  • Voertuigcategorie Bedrijfsauto (N1)
  • Speciale doeleinden: Kampeerwagen (SA) Inrichting kampeerwagen
  • Handelsbenaming 307 D
  • Datum eerste toelating 04-10-1978
  • Breedte 198 cm
  • Wielbasis 335 cm
  • Lengte 5.20 meter
  • Nettomaximumvermogen 48 kW

Probably: L serie 3t (602) 307D (53kW)

Mercedes L serie 3t (602) Van 307D (53kW) OM616.937;OM616.939

Mercedes L serie 3t (602) Ch.Cab/Pick-up 307D (48kW) OM616.917

MERCEDES-BENZ T1 Platform/Chassis (602) 307 D 2.4 Submodel:307 D 2.4 Capaciteit:2399 Service:65 HP / 48 kW Cilinder:4 Constructietype:Open laadbak/ Chassis Soort aandrijving:Achterwielaandrijving Motorcode:OM 616.937 Soort motor:Diesel Actieve jaren:1977 - 1983

OM616.916 48 kW (64 hp) << should be that one??? OM616.937 53 kW (71 hp) OM616.936 53 kW (71 hp) OM616.912 63 kW (84 hp)


painting process / layers

  • air compress clean and wipe clean the targeted grinded spot with a cloth and terpetine;
  • apply the first layer of paint (half lead oxide paint, half boiled lin seed oil, mixed by feel at a good consistency (bright orange);
  • after the layer properly dried, repeat the cleaning and apply the second layer of base paint (white paint);
  • [...]


Synthetic, chlorinated rubber, bituminous, epoxy, polyurethanes and antifouling.

tools to arrange

  • krik (somewehere in ravel???)
  • steunen (no clue where they went)
  • battery charger (+psu) (L)
  • extension cords
  • covers
  • gloves
  • painting supplies (L)

  • lights (L)

  • something to bend thick plate
  • heat gun (L)
  • schuurmachine (L)
  • small tube (L)
  • co2 (L)
  • drukvat (L)
  • paint brushes / rollers (L)

02 sept:

  • sand
  • small and longer brushes
  • ijzermenie
  • naaldbikhamer (needle scaler)
  • siccatief
  • air regulator / vochteruithaler
  • bouwlamp lampjes
  • grondverf
  • lak (kleur?)

tools to build

  • camera that can go into beams (webcam + long cable + led lights)
  • tire replacement tool
  • holle ruimte spuit (vloeistofspuit + extension tube)

materials to arrange

  • plate to fix carroserie stuff
  • plate to fix the chassisbalk
  • paint
  • tectyl
  • zinc spray

build a bridge

  • there is a bunch of stones, which can become a bridge

to fix before apk

  • DONE make a new wheel lock
  • clean underside with pressure washer
  • chassis beams
  • door
  • check lights
  • breaks (l/r the same)
  • make sure exhaust does not fall
  • paint underside??
  • alles smeren
  • water vullen + ontluchten thermostaathuis (met antiroest / vries spul)
  • hole left back top
  • plamuur and paint all holes
  • vet wiellagers
  • test all indicator lights and fix them


  • above front window
  • rigth back up
  • in front of fuel tank
  • DONE right front chassis balk


  • gasstangen, scharnieren, wielophanging,
  • 2x linksvoor bij het wiel (boven en onder)
  • 2x rechtsvoor bij het wiel (boven en onder)
  • 1x tussenaslager
  • fuseekogels
  • stuurkogels
  • oliepijl stuurhuis (46.8%20stuurhuis%20L1.5Z.pdf)


  • lampje gloeien
  • relay knipperlichten (ergens in lag)
  • new cable backlights
  • check all brake lines (remove rust, coat)


removable H-beam sticking few meters out of the back door with trolley and hinge

Tent / roof extension

Get (waterproof) canvas or canvas like material to build a tenty thing that will protect from rain and cold and extend the space of the lagmobile.


  • modular system, with things attached with bolts or clamps, so can be used both for transporting big stuff, and for other things

Electrical system

powerfull electrical system

  • should be able to power: coffee machine (1600 watts) , soundsystem, power tools etc.
  • maybe try to build a li-ion pack
  • put solar panels on the roof
  • if we get 4x 12 volt (48 volt) lead acid battery's, we can use a ups as a invertor, and we can have >10A 240volt
  • there is honda generator clones from kipor

driving electrical system

lots of cables are not so good anymore, either patch them up, or redo the whole system

build a new cable tree

  • schematic:

salvage a modern electrical system (switchboxes on a can bus) from some car

SJB = smart junction box

LIN bus ==

SAM module ==

to fix after apk

  • spray all inside of beams with lijnolie
  • koelsysteem ontvetten (5% p3 standard) / ontkalken/roesten (10% citroenzuur)??

Coating / rust / metal protection

Metal protection with phosporic acid

According to

type 1

  • 0.68 g / ml
  • 1.59 / 0.68 = 2.34
  • 118ml 85% fosforzuur + 882 ml water makes 1 liter ready to use
  • for 250 ready to use: 29.5 ml 85% fosforzuur + 220.5 water

type 2

  • 0.2 g / ml
  • 1.59 / 0.2 = 7.95

Types of drying oils

  • Linseed STAND OIL; which is oil that has been heated for several hours inside a vacuum vessel designed for this purpose.
  • boiled linseed oil, can mean stand oil, or oil with dryers added
  • raw linseed oil

Paint Additives/pigment

Names Drying Function Price/kg Description
ijzermenie, ijzeroxide, red oxid average metal protection 11,0
loodmenie, loodoxide fast dryer, keeping dry traditionally used as dryer in paints, but its toxic
manganese blue/ violet fast dryer 121,0 used a lot as dryer (alternative to lead)
zirconium fast dryer
cobalt fast dryer creates wrinkling
graphite slow water repellante, lubricant, heat resistant, flexible 20,- was used on steam locomotives
zinc oxide

manganese and iron catalysts in alkyd paints: additives for coatings:

Linseed graphite paint

  • gallon boiled linseed oil + pound of graphite
  • 3.8 liter + 450 gram
  • 500ml + 60 gram
  • warm should work better
  • to dry faster can be mixed with "autolakuitharder"
  • some people say that raw linseed oil is better, but it doesn't harden, and cannot be painted over
  • put linseed in holle ruimtes with vloeistofspuit

  • to dry faster: Bleko Chemie Siccatief 10 ( 3 - 5 %) (manganese salts, calcium salts, 2-ethylhexaanzuur,


Removing tectyl

  • don't want to damage the zinc layer
  • dry ice blasting (expensive)
  • put dry ice on it, should get hard (expensive)
  • use air chisel
  • leftovers can be removed with diesel / kerosine or something like that

What kinda works to remove rust under tectyl is a combination of the fein with scraper, pneumatic scaler, and pneumatic needle scaler

nuts and bolts

  • different materials see:



m10 / d17 / 8.8 (din933) voorframebalk 25mm x 12pcs trekhaak m8 any quality, verzinkt dakdragerbevestigingspunten 30mm 24 pcs

plastic pieces



Day 1 monday aug 5

Day2 tuesday aug 6

Day4 wednesday aug 7

Day 5 thursday aug 8

Day 6 friday aug 9

  • started on dashboard

Day 7 saturday aug 10

  • no work

Day8 sunday aug 11

  • got a spare enige + gearbox

Day9 monday aug 12

  • painted the floor in cabin
  • Put a tarp on top cause it was raining

Day10 tuesday aug 13

  • experiments with acid and paint
  • welding on front window
  • welded new steel in the side
  • sanding left front door

Day11 wednesday aug 14

  • some chiseling away of tectyl on underside
  • pressure washing underside
  • welding thing under side door

Day12 thursdayday aug 15

stuff needed

din7891c =

take from lag

  • bolts
  • car wire