Name: We
People: fekete, mpthx
Description: Hosting project that became disroot


]We( offers a bundle of services, managed by a small group and based on principals of freedom, privacy, decentralisation and federation.

]We( is now Disroot.


Details on services setup

basic server setup

We are running Debian wheezy on openvz containers using proxmox. Containers:

    • mysql container
    • mail container
    • web container 1 (, roundcube, squirrelmail)
    • ]we( container (prosody, web server, diaspora)

The setup works fine for us for now, but maybe in the future we should consider spliting the services into seperate containers (especially diaspora).

services setup (imortant notes)

Email: located in the mail container. Postfix+mysql+dovecot\ ownCloud:





Currently we are open for public registration as long as we have resources. We might consider introducing restrictions to public registration if the under heavy spam/ddos/abuse.


For email, owncloud and xmpp we are using imap authentication. Diaspora has its own authentication system and user database. In order to login to any service with imap auth you need to specify the complete imap address ( In the future we would like to provide multiple domains to choose from (so if you have some spare ones, please let us know)


Local container snapshots are done daily. Sundays snapshots are then rsynced to remote backup server location. After the snapshot is rsynced the weekday snapshots are then removed.

In the future, once the data becomes bigger we have to think of more sufficient (economic) way of backuping. The proof of concept is: - untar latest snapshot on the server and backup machine - rsync it to the backup machine This aproach should work in theory but it's hard to follow if the backups were done properly since the sizes of the archives will be different after packing back together. Another problem is users data. If we keep on adding data with every backup, if user decides to remove the file from his account, it might be still stored on the backup server, and then in case of problems with the server, where the backup has to be restored, we might get to situation that unwanted files are back on someones account. While some people would be very happy to have infinitive backup of their data/mail some people might see it as a privacy issue.


  • 10.10.2014 - Diaspora has been updated to version

TODO and feature requests

    • Propaganda - Create more texts explaining the porject and idea behind it
    • Propaganda - make palmphlet and flyer
    • Propaganda - write posts for slug page, slug mailing list, lag mailing list
    • XMPP - add muc domain new muc domain is
    • XMPP - add webbased xmpp client
    • XMPP - add clients to roundcube, owncloud
    • WE - fix up the Contact form