food recipes


  • make a strong bouillon (with very finely cut vegetables)
  • make a roux
    • fry flour in oil until it doesn't taste like flour anymore (bit brownish color)
  • turn the roux in a ragout

    • add slowly the hot bouillon and stir properly
    • stop adding bouillon when you reach the consistency that you want in the croquette when hot
  • let the ragout cool down (as cold as you can get it, it should become a block)

  • slice the block into croquet sized pieces
  • roll the pieces in croquet shape
  • first in flour
  • then (maybe) water
  • then breadcrumbs
  • it is very important that they are properly closed on all sides, if not, they will leak, and the inside of croquette will be filled with oily crap, and your oil will be full off mess that you have to fish out, if 1 layer is not enough, do anther one
  • fry them in oil