Name: BinnenNet
People: hark, j
Description: networking the binnenpret


Since the spaghetti-network at Interference there was the plan to combine all the networks at the Binnenpret and share data/info/services on it.

This has now partly happened

Current situation

There is a xs4all connection in mkz, that is used by most spaces.

There is a bunch of switches with vlans that span the whole binnenpret.

There is a router on a vm in lag that connects some networks together (lag and the bp1 wireless).

There is antenna on the roof that is pointing at the now nonexistent WFC node of 020-wireless, so we need to find a new high tower to connect to.

What we want

  • At minimum: connect ALL the networks! o/
  • Local services etc.


  • some worksessions to introduce people to building your own networks