First, Library is a list of books and other print in our hacklab. See the coming bookshelves. Please keep this list up to date. Then there is a book scanner in the hacklab. Once it is working, there will be scanned books in this Library. The third part of this Library gives access to other libraries, in bits, in print or otherwise.


Gloria Anzaldúa: Borderlands. La Frontera. The New Mestiza. 304 p. 1987, 1999 ISBN 978-1-879960-85-5

Creative Commons Netherlands / Premsela, the Netherlands Institue for Design and Fashion / Waag Society: OPEN DESIGN NOW. WHY DESIGN CANNOT REMAIN EXCLUSIVE. 320 p.

René Didde: BLIK OP ONEINDIG. auto's in Amsterdam.55 p. ISBN 90-72768-18-3

Eric Kluitenberg: Legacies of the Tactical Media. The Tactics of Occupation: From Tompkins Square to Tahrir. 56 p. 2011 ISBN 978-90-816021-8-1

René König, Miriam Rasch (Editors): Society of the Query. Reader. Reflections on Web Search. 292 p. 2014 ISBN 978-90-818575-8-1

Geert Lovimk, Miriam Rasch (Editors): Unlike Us. Reader. SOCIAL MEDIA MONOPOLIES AND THEIR ALTERNATIVES.384 p. 2013 ISBN 978-90-818575-2-9

René A. M. Platjouw: "TRAMMELANT" een boekje vol "RAMPEN". 144 p. 1989

Henry Warwick: Radical Tactics of the Offline Library. 52 p. 2014 ISBN 978-90-818575-9-8

Brooke Wendt: The Allure of the Selfie. Instagram and the New Self-Portrait. 50 p. 2014 ISBN 978-90-822345-1-0

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