LAGX = LAG 10 year anniversary

Why LAGX? X in roman numbers is “10”…


LAG SPECIAL: Waffles, poffertjes and other nice things on Friday!

Social night

LAG open on Friday


Homebrew mate on the tap @ ALL DAY, LAG

Drink the hacker drink, learn how to make a tasty batch, or marvel at our mistakes.

Energy balls @ ALL DAY, LAG

Energy balls are vegan and tasty and they solicit donations.

Jewellery workshop @ ALL DAY (after 11:00), Bollox

Take apart old electronics, whatever there is about, laptops, harddisk, cdromdrives and what not and turn them into pretty things. No skills required, just fun. Feel free to bring stuff to take apart.

Examples on:

Caught in the Net @ 14:00, LAG

Discussion around the text "Caught in the Net — Notes from an Era of Cybernetic Delirium":

Some questions:

  • Is there a social tension against technogical domination? Who (apart from some anarchists...) engage in this struggle? What are the signals of this struggle, past and present?

  • What can praxis against technology look like, in terms of attack and severing mental, relational, social mediation?

  • In what ways does the Internet transform our relationship to struggles and action; our goals, priorities, sense of urgency, what captures our attention, etc?

There is hope that the discussion could go in other directions as well… :)

Free spaces expo @ ALL DAY, OCCII, with round table discussion at 16:00

The free spaces expo is about showcasing visual, textual and audible projects and approaches to free spaces that aim to re-politicise them and renew the discussion within and about free spaces (vrijplaatsen) in Amsterdam. The programme hopefully features contributions from Mokum Kraakt, Time is Capital, and Vrije Beton, in the form of exhibition and discussion. We can ask and examine all the questions that many thought but few discussed openly, so far:

What is free about free spaces? How is the legalisation of occupied and autonomous spaces has been happening in Amsterdam? Does the "free space" label re-package self-organised resistance to capitalism as a valuable contribution to urban policy and the real estate market? What is the role of free spaces in struggles against gentrification? Which responsibilities come with freedom?

The format is that each project shows content on two computers, one interactive and one non-interactive. For example, photos from the upcoming Mokum Kraakt book would play on a slideshow on one computer and drafts or idea from the upcoming book could be read and commented on the other. Then, once people at the LAG anniversary would have time to immerse themselves in the material and get the vibe, there is a roundtable discussion about the works and ideas in the early afternoon (16:00). The OCCII is reserved for both the expo and the roudtable.

Invited, mokum kraakt, Vrij Beton…

ossia score – a multimedia sequencer @ 17:30, LAG (yids)

  • short introduction to the open source media sequencer ossia score
  • bring a laptop, the more powerful it is, the more you can score!
  • the minimal requirements according to the site: 800 MHz CPU, 512MB of RAM (but you won't make very large scores). For graphics, a GPU which supports at least OpenGL
    3.2, Vulkan, Direct3D11 or Metal.

Towards a Neo-Luddite Manifesto @ 19:00, OCCII

If you’re coming the to 10th anniversary of LagLab, chances are that you have either been described as a luddite, or used that word to describe someone else. But what exactly is Luddism? What are the different approaches to Neoluddism? And are these viable ways of radically rethink our relationship to technology? In this interactive session we will try to flesh out some of these ideas, considering the theory and praxis of radical approaches to technology in the 21st c.

Tombola (raffle)

What is tombola? You can read the Wikipedia article).

Quote from wikipedia: "In the United Kingdom, a tombola is a form of raffle in which prizes are pre-assigned to winning tickets. Typically numbered raffle tickets are used, with prizes allocated to all those ending in a particular digit (traditionally a five or a zero). Players pay for a ticket, which they then draw at random from a hat or tombola drum, and can instantly see whether they have won a prize. Tombolas are popular at events such as village fêtes and coffee mornings, when it is expected that not all the players will be present at the end of the event."

So we will sell tickets, and then people win prizes, which is surprise boxes of stuff that we want to get rid of in lag.

So if people have spare (small) carton boxes (or pass by in supermarkets that have carton boxes). Please bring them to lag!

Soup for dinner @ 19:00 @ LAG/Bollox

Soup kitchen in the evening.



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