A collection of electronic related stuff that can be taken, ranging from working to non-working and from complete to in pieces. We also kindly ask for donations, it could be your € or your discarded stuff.

A rough list of the things available:

  • 400gb harddrives sata harddrives
  • some monitors
  • printer rex*rotary
  • APC uninterruptible power supply
  • keyboards some, we need more usb keyboards
  • LP record player
  • some broken laptops
  • mice (PS2 & USB)
  • cables: eurocables, video, usb, audio, flatcables, etc.
  • graphics cards
  • chargers (few boxes full)
  • fans (CPU, case, rack?)
  • hdds (SCSI, SATA, IDE)
  • a bunch of desktop computers (64 bit dualcore amd with ddr3)
  • bunch of miniitx motherboards (via c7)
  • some thin clients